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Microsoft Office 2010
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Microsoft Office 2010

This course is ideal if you want to acquire or master skills and knowledge to become proficient in office applications. The course will cover the three main applications within the Microsoft Office programme: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In addition, you will be able to understand the changes and new features of Microsoft Office 2010 which is the word’s leading software package. Whether your potential employer is a large corporation or a small office, by having the Microsoft Office 2010 certification you will be able to offer effective functionality as administrative assistant, office managers and in all positions that require day-to-day problem-solving skills. Whether you are new to your career or a highly trained administrative professional with a top-level staff position, you will find that adding "Microsoft Office Specialist" to your resume is extremely beneficial. As a bonus, Microsoft Office 2010 (Home and Student) software will be included in the course material; therefore, you don’t need to have it upfront.

Entry Requirements

You just need to possess basic PC skills. The Microsoft Office 2010 course is designed to give you an understanding, knowledge and skills to become proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


The course will help you to master Microsoft Office applications, starting with the basics and progress to the different and more complex aspects of Microsoft office. Therefore, anyone can apply for the course it doesn’t matter how much knowledge of Microsoft Office applications you have you will gain all the skills to master the three main applications: Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

There are many subjects in the course including:

  • Typing Letters
  • Preparing Reports
  • Inserting Data Files
  • Setting Up Spreadsheets
  • Performing Calculations
  • Setting Up Charts
  • Creating Presentations
  • Using Animation
  • Designing Slides
  • Producing Diagrams Setting Up Pages
  • Editing Your Work
  • Using The Toolbars
  • Customising Spreadsheets
  • Using Formulas And Functions
  • Producing Graphs
  • Adding Artwork
  • Applying Design

Exams: There are 3 online exams to be taken.


After reading the course you will be able to pass the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Office 2010 exams. This certificate is widely recognised within the IT industry.

Jobs and Careers

With the Microsoft Office training course you will be able to apply for jobs as a Microsoft Office Specialist.

According to Microsoft website the Microsoft Office System of products has helped the Office Specialist meet deadlines, impress managers, and perform work more efficiently. Office Specialists are interested in improving their skills and increasing their opportunities. As more and more employers begin looking for verification of employee software skills, you have no better way to stand out from the crowd than to show your credentials as a specialist in the software that a job requires.

Example of Jobs

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