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CIW Web Foundations & Design Courses
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Certified Internet Webmaster
Foundations & Design

Our CIW Foundations & Web Design Specialist course is ideal if you want to learn about computers, IT and internet that are used in every workplace. With a Certified Internet Web (CIW) Foundation Certificate you will have many opportunities with potential employers as you will learn how to author Web pages using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). As well as providing a balance of theory, technology, project management and hands-on development. The skills and concepts you acquire will help you design and publish Web sites and help bring mission-critical business information to the Internet and intranet for corporations.

Entry Requirements

Ideally, you donít need to have any prior knowledge of the subjects covered in the course as the course is build in a progressive way so each new study topic adds to the knowledge you have already gained. However you should also be familiar with an operating system such as Microsoft Windows XP.


This course allows you to develop foundation skills and basic knowledge of Internet technologies (IT) such as FTP, web browsers, and e-mail. You will also learn Web page authoring using Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML); project management and basic infrastructure networking. The course is divided in three main modules - Internet Business Foundations, Site Development Foundations, and Networking Fundamentals.

The subject themes are listed below:

  • Image techniques
  • Frames
  • Introduction to networking
  • TCP/IP suite and internet addressing internet working servers
  • Hardware and operating system maintenance
  • Network security and IT career opportunities
  • Web browsing
  • Multimedia on the web
  • Databases and web search engines
  • Introduction to site development 1-1 web
  • Markup language and site development essentials
  • XHTML coding

Exams: There is only one online exam for this course.


After successfully completing three modules of the course you will be able to gain the CIW Web Associate certification which will help you to enhance your chances with any future employer and improve your career prospects.

Jobs and Careers

As one of the fastest growing IT certifications, CIW is accepted and endorsed by employers and academic institutions giving you enormous opportunities with potential employers. CIW is linked with jobs such as network administration, security, Web design, Web development and Java programming.


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