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Database Administrator
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Database Administrator

A Database Administrator or DBA is responsible for maintaining and managing a database which may vary according to the nature of the organization. For instance a hospital will maintain a database of their patients information or an HR professional could use a database to keep a track of all new recruits. The DBA will be responsible for the performance and security of these databases.

Work Responsibilities

The role of a database administrator may vary according to the organization and level. However typically the work responsibilities would include creating and designing a database according to the needs of the users while also installing and testing database management systems. Maintaining day to day operations of the database is crucial. As security is a grave concern, the database administrator will check for security issues which includes controlling access and adhering to the data protection act. Making certain the database has ample storage and ensuring back up and recovery procedures are in place are also some of the administrators responsibilities. As these databases are used by specific departments to make reports, the dba will provide support to users for extraction or input of information while some companies may demand the DBA collate information and provide those reports to the department.

Interpersonal Skills Required

As a database administrator you will be expected to display a range of skills. You should be committed to delivering high quality work under pressure keeping in mind deadlines and paying attention to detail. A database administrator must be self motivated and possess good organizational and analytical skills. An understating of others expectations and recognizing areas where support is required and offering assistance is also important. Knowledge of the data protection act is essential as well as an awareness of developments in technology.

Work Hours and Environment

Database adminitsrators usually work Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm however they may be required to work outside of these hours as well. There are also opportunities for part time work. Typically database administrators spend most of their time in an office at their workstation, however they may be required to travel to different office locations for meetings and prestentions depending on the organization.


Foundation degrees and Degrees in computer science, information systems or any IT qualification would be helpful. Incase you do not hold a degree, you could always gain experience by starting as a database assistant.


If you are just starting out your career in database administration you could earn anywhere between 22,000 and 26,000 a year whereas if you have around 2-3 years experience you could earn between 30,000 and 35,000 a year.




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